Thank you for signing our petition! But we still need your help.  

Will you forward this email to 10 people and personally invite them to sign our petition? 

All they need to do is click this link to take them to the petition. 

As we all start speaking about this within our communities, we are having person after person come up to us with stories about their own and their families experiences with unsafe medicines. 

We are hearing harrowing stories of people who have been seriously injured or died after being prescribed unsafe medicines. These people are ordinary Australians who are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. 

You also never know when this information may save a life, or help a person get the benefits of medicine.

Will you stand with us for safe medicines?


Australians for Safe Medicines are a consumer-led association. We are not for medicines. We are not against them. We are for safe medicines. Can you help?


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