There are many aspects to safe medicines.

Our current campaign focuses on petitioning the Australian Senate to do more to reduce unsafe medicines by introducing pharmacogenomics.

Unsafe medicines are a leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

Current Australian prescribing guidelines are outdated as they do not consider the individual's response to medicines before prescribing them.

Pharmacogenomics is the branch of medicine that predicts an individual's response to medicines.

The introduction of pharmacogenomics in Australia lags behind the science and world’s best practice.

Our petition calls on the Australian Government to adopt world's best practice.

We want to see a “no prescribing without pharmacogenomic testing” policy here in Australia.

That’s why we think the Australian Government should be doing more and why we are asking you to stand with us by signing our petition.

Will you stand with us for safe medicines?

1. Sign Our Petition

Collectively our voices are powerful. You can be heard by signing our petition.

Our petition will be delivered to the Australian Senate and read in parliament and entered into Hansard.

Behind the scenes, we are also engaging with a key political party.

By standing up, and speaking out, you are letting the Australian government know that they are failing us.

Will you stand with us for safe medicines?

Stand With Us

Read our petition

2. Share On Social Media

Consumers are the driving force of this movement.

We are shifting the conversation from powerful non-consumer interests to consumer interests.

Help us to start a vital conversation about unsafe medicines by sharing our petition or downloading and sharing the images on the right with your friends.

Will you stand with us for safe medicines?
#MyLife Matters

3. Write A Letter

Without the personal stories we are just statistics.

Help tell the Australian Government we are not statistics, We are people, therefore our lives matter.

If you are able to write a bespoke letter that is specific to your circumstances then please do so.

Alternatively, if you are not able to do this, please download the "Simplified Letter" on the right, replace the red text with your details, and tick what is appropriate to you.

Then please send the email/letter to the Senators in your state. You may also like to send it to your local member of parliament. Details of their email or postal addresses are available from here.

Will you stand with us for safe medicines?
#MyLife Matters

4. Tell Us Your Story

If you or your loved one has had an unsafe experience with medicines please tell us about one incident.

We’ll use your stories, without disclosing your identity, in a powerful submission to all Australian Senators.

It will be our best chance of letting the Australian Government know that it should be doing more.

Will you stand with us for safe medicines?
#MyLife Matters