The mylifematters hashtag was designed to start a vital conversation about the safe use of medicines in Australia.


My health

#mylifematters encourages you to stand up and be an active participant in your own health.

All medicines have risks.

Therefore, the quality use of medicines is determined by your individual circumstances.

Health professionals may be experts in medicines but you are an expert in yourself.


My Life

#mylifematters reminds you that the fourth highest cause of death is unsafe medicines.

By standing up, and speaking out, you are letting drug companies, governments, health providers, and the media know that they are failing us.

We are not statistics. We are people, therefore our lives matter.


Our Voices

#mylifematters reminds us that collectively our voices are powerful.

Consumers are the driving force of this movement.

We are shifting the conversation from powerful non-consumer interests to consumer interests.

We also speak out for those that cannot speak for themselves. People who live with disabilities, mental illness, the geriatric, and the dead, cannot speak for themselves.

We also lend our voices in support of any stakeholder striving to make a difference to medicine safety.

Finally, we are committed to disrupting any and all stakeholders that allow unsafe medicine practices to flourish.


Will you stand with us for safe medicines?