Our Submission About Medicine Warnings

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey about medicine warnings.

Here are the results:

  • 90% have been harmed by medicines due to lack of warnings.

  • 87% were not told that their medication could cause serious harm prior to taking it.

  • 11% were warned by their doctor and 3% by their pharmacist.

  • 67% were not given any product information.

  • 25% were given the leaflet in the box. 18% were given a print-out from the computer.

  • 88% thought warnings should be placed on both the box and the leaflet in the box.

  • 84% would be confused if warnings were only put on new medicines.

  • 96% want pharmacogenomic information included on the boxed warnings.

  • 73% did not know how to make a report to the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

  • 93% would be more likely to report an adverse event if the form was provided with the medicine.

We also asked participants what they wanted the TGA to know and here is a succinct summary of what we told them:

  • Consumers want boxed warnings:

    • On all medicines

    • To include pharmacogenomic information

    • To include all medicines with current safety warnings

    • To be triggered by the reporting of ANY severe event notified to the TGA.

Its Simple

  • Consumers also want better-educated doctors (including specialist clinical pharmacologists) to:

    • Communicate potential side-effects including addiction

    • Proper identification of adverse events

    • Management of addiction, withdrawal and severe adverse events.

Listen to the people

  • Consumers also want better communication including:

    • Informed consent BEFORE taking the medicine
    • Blue-cards (for reporting to the TGA) to be included with the medicine

    • Boxed warnings on the box and the consumer medicine information in the box. 

We also asked you to tell us your story. We are deeply moved and committed to honoring these stories.  We are using these stories to show that consumers are suffering in bewilderment as to the status quo. 

If you would like to read our detailed submissions you can download a copy of our Submission on Boxed Warnings.

We are also continuing to run the survey so that we can present the findings now to the Australian Government who we are now lobbying for change. So if you have not yet taken the survey please speak up