All medicines have risks. Some medicines are very effective for some people. Some provide little benefit. In other cases, they may even cause severe harm.

You can participate in your health decisions and take control of your health today by talking to your healthcare provider to determine what is right for you. 

Here are some questions to get you started.


My Health

1. What are the chances my test results are inaccurate?

2. Do I have a disease or are you concerned about preventing a disease?


My Treatment Options:

3. What lifestyle changes such as diet, sleep, exercise, or stress management could improve my health and my test results?

4. If I do not take this medicine right away will my health get worse?


My Health Benefits:

5. If I take this medicine how will it improve my health?

6. What is the success rate of this medicine?


My Health Risks:

7. What side effects could I experience if I take this medicine?

8. If this medicine is not right for me how easy is it to stop it?

9. If I stop this medicine will I experience any permanent side effects?

10. Is this medicine compatible with my other supplements or medicines?


My Genetics:

11. Do I have the enzymes to metabolize and eliminate this medicine?


My Health Review

12. If I take this medicine, when will we talk about how I am going on it?


We have provided these questions in an easy to download pdf file to assist you when meeting with your healthcare provider.

Click to download Lets Talk About Medicines pdf file

And remember, if your healthcare provider does not know the answer to these questions, then you can speak to your community pharmacist, and are also within your rights to seek a second opinion.


Will you stand with us for safe medicines?